Alex Montion Interview: HIT Fit Ambassador


Alex Montion Interview: HIT Fit Ambassador

Alex “The Big Mac” Montion is one of our stellar coaches here at HIT Fit and is also a HIT Fit Ambassador! Alex takes care of the gym by cleaning, handling memberships and pushing our athletes to their best in every single class!

 He grew up with his mom in Murrieta and spent a good portion of his life in the United States Marine Corp. Alex knows the value of hard work, discipline and accountability and is dedicated to helping our members here at HIT Fit become the very best versions of themselves! Alex loves Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Assault Biking 🙂

Hey Alex! How’s it going man?

“It’s going great. Alive, well and thriving.”

What got you started in fitness?

“Wow! Fitness! Well, when I was young I started playing high level athletics. I knew some professional soccer players so I had the privilege of training with them. Being in the marines, fitness is a part of the job, lifestyle, survival and success! The physical and mental benefits of fitness are unbeatable.”

What is your personal philosophy on fitness?

“I always say “Motion is Lotion.” I want to be able to save my own life, pick myself up when I need to, and have the opportunity to save someone else’s life if need be.”

What is your personal philosophy on nutrition?

“Big Macs! Lol just kidding. I see nutrition as a constant flow of change. Everyone’s different and has different goals. You have to be able to find what works for you; what works for you may not work for someone else and vice versa. You have to find your natural flow.”

How does fitness carry over into your personal life?

“Well I’m still active in the Air Force. Therefore, I need to be physically prepared for duty calls. It allows me to spend quality time with my son and if I ever want to go hiking, swimming or running I know that won’t be a problem! I get to live a full and happy life!”

Quick Questions

What is your favorite lift?

“Cleans, power clean, and squat cleans. Any type of clean.”

Favorite form of cardio?

“The assault bike.”

Favorite food?

“A double-double cheeseburger from In-N-Out with grilled onions and hot peppers.”

Why HIT Fit?

“The atmosphere, forsure. This gym has a comortary that is so uplifting. Everyone here is on the same team working towards the same goals and because of that, the community here is so supportive of one another.”

What would be your last meal?

“RJ Stockyard Steak, medium rare with two large sides of mashed potatoes. On the side, a FAT 805 beer.”