CrossFit Vs HIT Fit Temecula/Murrieta: What’s The Difference?


CrossFit Vs HIT Fit Temecula/Murrieta: What’s The Difference?

We have all heard of CrossFit before, and many people not involved in the sport have a specific perception of what CrossFit is. In the Temecula & Murrieta area, more often than not, HIT Fit is commonly compared to what we know as “CrossFit.” CrossFit is a great style of training that is extremely beneficial for lots of athletes. We’ve taken a lot from CrossFit and the principles that CrossFit has engineered into their training. CF produces some amazing athletes. That being said, HIT Fit is much different from a training perspective and certainly not the same as you’d find in a CrossFit box gym. We are asked all of the time,

1) The HIT Fit approach is all about personal, prescribed fitness solutions.

There are a lot of different body shapes and humans that have different fitness goals. Weight loss, strength, athletic conditioning, or competitive fitness are all possible objectives. With HIT Fit, we model a fitness solution for each member including a combination of cross training, functional fitness, cardiovascular endurance, and nutrition that helps them reach their individual fitness goals. HIT Fit offers targeted programming tracks depending on your goals – including HIT Fit, F2, Cardio Club, and Semi-Private training experiences. 

2) HIT FIT is collaborative, social, team-based fitness. 

Many CF workouts are time based and there is a natural competitive environment between members. We think that’s awesome, if you are technically proficient in your lifting and exercise fundamentals. However, at HIT Fit, we believe that for the vast majority of us, we get a better workout with a team-based, collaborative workout where we are striving to do the movements correctly (and with our coaches and advanced members there to help our fellow workout partners). At HIT Fit, it’s how can we work together to do this right, not who can cross the finish line first. We also believe this reduces the risks of injury, as rushing through a workout to achieve the fastest time, or to get a big lift, can encourage breakdowns in form.

3) HIT Fit offers almost a full hour of dynamic movement from start to finish. 

From our warmup to our finisher – HIT Fit programming is designed to burn calories and create metabolic conditioning opportunities at every turn. As non-professional athletes, most of our members really only have an hour to invest every day in their fitness. While CrossFit offers intensive and explosive periods of movement that absolutely burn calories, there are often extended periods of rest, talking/instruction, and static or slow(er) warmups. While HIT Fit workouts are varied and often include instruction, the fundamental concept is extended periods of movement and reduced down-time. The rest periods are shorter. The bottom line is that HIT FIT members generally burn more calories and have more opportunities to increase aerobic and cardiovascular conditioning.

Although we deeply respect the sport of CrossFit at its many benefits, we want to make sure our community understands the fundamental differences that make HIT Fit its own entity with its own feeling. Everyday we open our doors, we have the same goal in mind: To provide our members and the community with awesome workouts that create awesome results! If you’re looking to change your life today, visit the “WHAT WE OFFER” tab at the top of the page to learn more about how you can get started!