Finding a Great Fitness Coach in Temecula


Finding a Great Fitness Coach in Temecula

When beginning your fitness journey, it may seem overwhelming on where to start and what exactly you should be doing. While our HQ is based in Temecula, California (or Murrieta, depending on your geography) – the same rules applies to finding a great coach no matter what your zip code is. Really, your journey may look different depending on what your specific goals are. The job of a coach is to guide you in the right direction to make sure that what you are doing in and outside of the gym is getting you closer to your fitness goals. Here at HIT Fit, our trainers are here to help our members reach their short and long term fitness goals, without all the guesswork. You may be big, small, purple, tall or muscle bound. Doesn’t matter. What matters is is your personal goals and how we can get you ON TRACK and healthy.

But no matter where you work out, you might have thought what the advantages of having a fitness coach are? Here’s our handy-dandy list:

  • Better Accountability 
  • Experience = Results
  • Personalized Approach 
  • Motivation

Better Accountability

One of the most important reasons for having a trainer is accountability. Here at HIT Fit, we want to make sure all our members are attending their sessions and getting a good workout each day. But no matter where you are working out, a great fitness coach holds you accountable.

Great coaches love reaching out to their clients on a frequent basis to see how they are enjoying their experience and if there’s anything they can do to make their time more productive, enjoyable, and exciting! We as coaches want to help motivate our community to not give up and do their best each and every day! 

At traditional box box gyms, (like Planet Fitness, where they make money for you NOT to show up). you’ll see a bunch of new people start off at the beginning of the year, but then slowly fall off their routine towards the middle of the year. A good coach provides that extra push and motivation so that you don’t continue to spin your wheels each year. If you’re finding it hard to stay consistent, consider finding a great coach that can provide a game plan for you!

Experience = Results

Another huge reason for having a coach is the education and knowledge you can obtain from an instructor. You want to make sure you are performing the exercises effectively and safely. 

Injuries can cause setbacks and discouragement from exercise, so learning how to do the exercises safely will allow you to be consistent in our routine. Consistency is paramount for results! 

One of the goals of our gym is to provide all our members the knowledge and skills to be able to workout at any big box, cross training, or group fitness gym anywhere in the world! We strive to build a community of awesome and well rounded HIT Fit athletes! 

Developing a Personalized Approach to Maximize Performance & Prevent Injury

Having a coach nearby provides a personal touch that can’t be replicated by big box gyms. A good coach wants to know your story and all your goals, so that they can make sure your exercise frequency, intensity and nutrition is appropriate for your goals. Many people will try to give you unsolicited advice when you start a fitness journey. 

“You should try the ___ diet”

“You should do ___ exercise program”

“___ helps you lose weight”

“___ helps you gain muscle”

With a coach, you’ll feel great knowing the information and guidance you are being provided is backed by the most current exercise science and nutrition research. For example, if you want to work on building muscles in your legs, a good coach will know exactly what exercises are going to help you do that without you having to pick between 3 different conflicting sources of information on the internet. 


We want our members here at HIT Fit to give 100% when they come in to workout! We’re based in Temecula (or Murrieta, but you may be anywhere). So how does a COACH motivate you? If you’re in Seattle, why not work out at home? Simple — motivation!

Coaches should push you, motivate you, and get you excited about the workout! When working out alone, sometimes we may not be exercising as intensely as we are capable of. A coach helps you push past your limits and break through plateaus so that you are getting fitter everyday! 

On the contrary, we also want to make sure the intensity is appropriate for each member. Some people may be pushing themselves too hard which will eventually lead to overtraining or injury. A great coach wants to make sure their clients are working hard, but they also want to promote longevity and injury prevention. 

Where do I Start? 

HIT Fit offers many programs for individuals just starting off on their fitness journey. (We can get you started by clicking here and you can schedule an intro in our Temecula, Riverside, or Murrieta facilities).

Our most popular option at our Temecula Gym is our semi-private training. Semi-private training allows our members to train in a small group environment, where they can still receive all the benefits of personal training at half the cost. 

A small group setting can take out the intimidation factor as well. Working one-on-one can seem nerve racking for some individuals, but with a small group you are with other individuals who are working towards the same goals and will help motivate you as well! 

With many gyms offering private and semi-private training, it’s a great way to start out so you can receive further instruction on form, injury prevention, injury rehab, and intensity. In a larger group class, it can be difficult for a coach to give 10-20 people the same level of attention and customization that our smaller group training delivers. Group classes can be highly effective, but mixing them in with personal training and small groups is a great hybrid solution.