What HIT Fit Offers


Semi-Private Training

At HIT Fit, our semi-private training program offers massively fun, effective, individualized workouts, at half the cost, with ultimate scheduling flexibility.

Traditional personal training costs $70-80 per hour and requires you to lock your schedule into one trainer.
We know that we can deliver great results (and we do, check out our reviews!) and get you to your goals with WAY more scheduling flexibility and way more affordably.

Semi-private sessions will be with a small group of (up to) 3 other members. You will workout with elite, hand-picked coaches, and get personalized one on one attention. It’s a win, win, win!




Group sessions are high-energy, crank-up-the-music fun, but give you the motivation and movements you need to get in the best shape of your life.

We offer three different main fitness tracks:

F2 – Foundational Fitness – focus on weight loss, toning, strength training, and functional, foundational fitness.

HIT FIT – Advanced Cross Training – more intense cross training including intermediate and advanced movements.

Cardio Club – Conditioning – classes that are fun and fast-paced, that melt the icky stuff while getting you healthy.



Personalized Nutrition Coaching

HIT Fit Nutrition Coaching is uniquely customized to your lifestyle and health objectives. Our coaches help you get your eating as awesome as your workouts.

What do we offer? Unlimited Q&A/text support, 30 minutes a month of phone calls, Facetime, or-in person coaching, personalized custom nutrition recommendations, and weekly check-in’s to keep you on track and dialed in.


Kids Fitness

Kids need health and fitness also. Habits are built early and often. HIT Fit offers Varsity Kids sessions for 8 – 12 years olds to get healthy, strong, play and sweat.

If your kids are like ours, they love playing video games and interacting with their friends…. MADDEN, FORTNIGHT, ROBLOX.. you name it…. It’s normal for kids to love video games… and especially right now, when they have nothing better to do.

Yet, WE, as parents… WE are in control of how OUR KIDS spend their time and energy.

Which is why we may want to think about whether our kids sitting on their BUTTS all day is a good long-term move.

HIT Fit Varsity Kids program is held 5 days a week!

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