HIT Fit’s Guide to The Barbell Squat


HIT Fit’s Guide to The Barbell Squat

Welcome to another tutorial HIT Fit family! We got an awesome exercise we are going to talk with you about today: THE BARBELL SQUAT! Now, many people beginning their first exercise program can be hesitant to perform barbell movements!

However, barbell exercises are a great way to build muscle, lose fat and track your progress! With the help of our awesome HIT Fit coaches, you’ll feel confident going into your next barbell workout at the gym! Injury prevention is something our Coaches emphasize in every workout, so our clients can get maximum results out of every movement! 

  1. Why should I Barbell Squat?

First things first, let’s talk about WHY you should be doing this movement in the first place and how it’s going to help you get in shape. Although you can do squats with dumbbells or kettlebells, using a barbell has its own unique perks! Using a bar allows you to evenly displace a heavier load of weight evenly across the barbell, which allows you to lift more weight than using dumbbells or kettlebells!

As a result, you’ll be able to rapidly improve strength and build muscle faster, which in turn helps you become more fit and lose body fat!

One of the awesome perks of our Semi-Private training program is that it allows our Coaches to spend more time with you going over these more technical movements. With our program, you’ll learn movements and exercises in half the time and see double the results! Check out this link to learn more about our Semi-Private training! 

  1. Where do I start with a Barbell Squat?

Well, when starting off with your barbell squat you will start with a manageable weight that you can practice your technique with. For example if you can squat with a pair of 15lb dumbbells for 8-10 reps with proper technique then you can start of with 10lb plates on each end of your barbell. When placing the bar on your body, you have the option of placing the bar on one of two areas.

You can place the bar on your shoulders, which we call A High Bar Squat, or you can place the bar on your upper back, which we call The Low Bar Squat.

It all comes down to preference at the end of the day, however a High Bar Squat places more emphasis on the quad muscles (the front part of your leg) while the Low Bar Squat places more of an emphasis on the hamstrings and booty! For today’s tutorial, we will be doing a High Bar Squat!

  1. Where do my feet go?

The most generally suggested placement for your feet to be is about shoulder width apart.The reason is this is the first time your hips are open and able to properly complete a full squat.

Having your feet here will allow you to achieve an optimal range of motion as well as allowing your knees to drive out in the bottom of your squat! Make sure the toes are pointed out at a 30 degree angle!

Sometimes having your feet facing straight forward can cause your knees to cave in while squatting. THIS IS A NO-NO! Make sure during your first barbell squat,  you are under the supervision of one of our HIT Fit Coaches to assure of injury prevention!

  1. How LOW Do I Squat?

To achieve maximum muscle growth, a 90 degree angle in the legs at the bottom of the squat is sufficient! We call this “reaching parallel.” This is a great rule to follow ESPECIALLY when just starting out! Furthermore, as you consistently practice the barbell squat your strength and flexibility will increase and as a direct result  your range of motion and hip mobility will improve.

Increasing hip mobility is extremely important for our lower body health, this will help us prevent injuries as we age. During our semi-private sessions our trainers can help you learn corrective and rehab exercises that can aid with hip mobility! 

If you are nervous or hesitant to give this a shot, DON’T BE! This is why we have our trainers here to help you! We teach many fun and new movements like the Barbell Squat here at the gym! Imagine walking into any gym and being able to do every exercise in the workout as a professional athlete! HIT Fit can give you the tools to do that!

You don’t have to just dream about it! Being educated on barbell exercises like these are going to get you one step closer to getting your desired summer body! Want more tutorials? Check out this link to learn about the barbell deadlift!