Josh Richie: Coach Profile


Josh Richie: Coach Profile

Josh Richie was the original founder of HIT Fit CA and is the current head coach and general manager of the Temecula location. He grew up here in Temecula, CA and started on his fitness journey at the age of 9! Before HIT Fit, Josh’s true passion was motocross. His first experience with fitness was getting a trainer for motor cross so he could be in tip top physical condition for the sport. Speaking of sports, Mr. Josh did a bunch of them growing up, everything from soccer to cross country. Josh is also a father of five, and loves to be active with his kiddos in his free time. Josh actually never wears the same socks twice, and loves to eat fruit pebbles!

Hello Josh! How are you today?

“Good brother!”

Okay! So the first question, why fitness?

“Well, since I started training at a young age, fitness has always been a part of my life and is what I live and breath. Being into sports, fitness and exercise was the natural progression and stepping stone from cross country and soccer. I just naturally adapted to making a career out of it. I’ve trained all walks of life, from elderly to the youth.”

What is your personal philosophy on your own fitness?

““Can’t stop, won’t stop.” That’s always been my saying. As long as I’m able to move, I will always be doing some style of fitness. Working out is the highlight of my day, every single day.”

What is your personal philosophy on nutrition?

“Each individual’s body and mind is different. It takes time, persistency and consistency to find what lifestyle of nutrition your body needs to reach your goals. This is no cookie cutter plan. There is only one me and only one you.”

How does fitness carry over into other aspects of your life?

“Fitness IS my life!” It is involved in every aspect of my personal and work life. Most importantly, it positively influences the time I spend with my children. I can go out, and be active with them. Maintaining my fitness helps me maintain the quality of the gym, from building things to fixing things here at HIT Fit. The goal is to be fit for everything and anything.”

Quick Questions

What is your favorite lift?

“Hmm, I guess the snatch. It’s the most technical and difficult Olympic lift.”

What is your favorite cardio?

“Bike sprints! The bike is always a killer.”

What is your favorite food?

“A medium rare steak.”

Why HIT Fit?

“Every person’s fitness path is a little bit different. My goals at HIT Fit is to connect with each client’s heart so that fitness can be added to everyone’s life in a positive way.”

What would be your last meal?

“A ribeye steak, medium rare, sweet potato with brown sugar and butter, steamed vegetables, a glass of ice water and a large shake.”