Key Tips to a Successful Diet: Eat More & LOSE WEIGHT


Key Tips to a Successful Diet: Eat More & LOSE WEIGHT

We all know that dieting can seem extremely confusing and mysterious. It’s hard to know what diet is going to work for YOU and what exactly you should be doing in order to lose body fat and or gain muscle. Not only can dieting seem complicated, but it can also appear to be MISERABLE! Here at HIT Fit, it should be NEITHER!

We are gonna explain some awesome nutrition tips on how you can eat MORE food and LOSE MORE WEIGHT! You heard right! No more eating kids sized portions of food to lose fat! 

  1. Focus on PROTEIN!

The most important tip we can give you when starting a diet is to make protein the focus of EVERY SINGLE MEAL! Whether you are eating 2,3 or 8 meals a day, every single meal should have protein in it. Why? Well the most important reason is because protein is SATIATING! This means that the protein you eat will make you more full than carbohydrates or fat, which will help you eat less calories for the same amount of food!

ALSO, protein has a higher thermos effect of food. This means that your body will burn MORE calories, just from digesting the food! It takes more energy to digest a chicken breast from your body than to digest ice cream. Check out this link below to learn more about the IMPORTANCE OF PROTEIN!

  1. Focus on the Food QUALITY!

Tip number two is to focus on the quality of the food that you are eating! Although it is okay to have a treat here and there, you don’t want processed food to be the main source of your nutrition. The reason we want to eat more quality Whole Foods is because these foods are low calorie dense foods.

Food choices such as vegetables, fruits, and lean protein sources are going to have LESS calories per gram than Oreos, chips and pastries! This way, you get to eat the same volume and amount of food, but much less calories than if you were consuming processed foods! Check out this health line article to learn about a variety of LOW CALORIE DENSE FOOD!

  1. Don’t Diet TOO HARD!

This is a mistake we see many clients do at the very start of their diet! When beginning a fat loss journey, you want it to be slow and gradual. If you diet too hard and cut your calories too much, this causes a chemical reaction in your brain that makes you want to seek out more food.

This is an evolutionary response to starvation of the human body! Although you may lose weight faster by eating very little calories, you will have too many cravings and may not have enough energy to exercise! Diet slow, and eat enough food to feel satisfied but still be losing fat each week.

4. Pay Attention To Sleep and Stress Management

I know what you’re thinking. How does sleep and stress affect my ability to lose weight and make progress? Well both factors play a HUGE role in both weight loss and performance. If you constantly do not get enough sleep, your body won’t recover properly from your intense workouts here at Hit Fit.

Not only does this just suck because, who likes being sore all the time? But it also makes it almost impossible for your body to create new lean muscle tissue. And if you can’t do that, you can kiss your dreams of having a nice toned body goodbye. Elevated levels of stress are equally as bad as lack of sleep. You see, stress produces a hormone called cortisol, which is catabolic in nature (it breaks things down).

Now in moderate amounts, cortisol is actually good, it helps break down our muscle tissue so it can grow back stronger. However, when you are constantly stressed, cortisol starts getting pumped out non-stop all day. This will cause your body to excessively break down muscle tissue… Not such a good thing when you’re trying to lean out! Now, I know it’s hard to work on stress management and many of you lead busy lives, so making more time for sleep can be challenging. Our advice is to try and tackle this one step at a time.

For example, if you’re only getting 5 hours of sleep every night, try to add 30-60 minutes for one week and see how you feel. If you’re feeling stressed out, try setting aside 10 minutes in the morning to meditate before starting your day. A little bit of something is a lot better than a whole lotta nothin’!

HIT Fit offers everything you need to be successful at reaching your weight loss goals. We have the most effective functional classes! We offer quality semi-Private training with our certified coaches, and we offer a sustainable and simple nutrition plan to our clients!

Today is the day to start working on your health! If you are still hesitant, check out our testimonials from our members by clicking this link!