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HIT Fit Group Class

HIT Fit offers a high-energy, high-intensity fusion of cross training, strength, and cardio. HIT Fit is medium-to-high intensity and technical skill, and offers several days of barbell movements. Scaled programming is available during HIT Fit if you prefer dumbbells or lower intensity!

Functional Body Building

Functional strength body building program. The goal is simple - all muscle, low stress. These classes prioritize quality of movement over high intensity - helping enhance performance, and helping you look good.

Cardio Club

Cardio Club is about FUN and VIBE - burning calories in a HIIT-style Cardio workout that involves super fun workouts.

Semi Private

HIT Fit's semi-private program gives you extra attention - working on your fitness, health, and goals with our coaches in a small group of no more than four members. You will have a 1:1 relationship with one of our top coaches in this program. Real results, faster. Work with our expert coaches to fast-track your results and receive personalized attention.

Booty Class

Focused on developing your lower half - butt, glutes, and legs



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