Richard Garcia Interview: Nutritionist


Richard Garcia Interview: Nutritionist

Say what’s up to Richard! Richard is one of our amazing nutrition coaches here at HIT Fit. Looking to get shredded or put some muscle on? Rich is YOUR GUY! 

Rich grew up here in Southern California and has his bachelors in nutrition! Growing up, this stud has always had a passion for health and fitness and we guarantee that Rich will help you get the body of your dreams in no time at all! 

Hi Rich! How are you today?
“Doing great! Thanks for asking!”

What got you started in fitness? “My dad was a bodybuilder in the 70’s and he introduced me to the gym when I was 13. I had played sports growing up but I knew my passion was weight lifting the moment I picked up a weight. I still remember being so excited after completing my first workout. At first my dad had to drag me to the gym, but it wasn’t long until I had to start dragging him in!”

What is your philosophy on your personal fitness?
“Being a competitive physique athlete, my personal training regime is highly coordinated and intentional. My main focus is hypertrophy training but I do enjoy all aspects of fitness.”

What is your personal philosophy on nutrition?
“This is my area of focus so I could write a whole book on this question, but I’ll try to keep it short! When it comes to nutrition, building a sustainable way of eating is critical to success. I like to refer to myself as an “anti-diet” nutrition coach. Diets may give you results in the short term, but they don’t set people up for long term success and oftentimes, result in additional weight gain when people fall off. My aim as a coach is to help guide people through their nutrition journey and teach them how to get results without giving up the foods they love!”

How does fitness carry over into your personal life and how has it improved your life?
“Fitness allows me to have an overall higher quality of life. When I move better, I can do more things (hiking, biking, etc) more easily. Additionally, fitness builds discipline that I apply to other areas of your life.”

Quick Questions 

What is your favorite lift and why?
“Deadlifts. There’s no feeling quite like picking up some heavy weight off the ground.”

Favorite form of cardio?
“Cardio…. What’s that? Haha! My favorite form of cardio comes from playing sports such as tennis and soccer.”

Favorite food?
“Eggs with garlic salt!”

Why do you like hit fit versus other gyms?
“Hit Fit has more of a family feel to it and the trainers take more interest in their clients overall success, both inside and outside of the gym. You won’t get that at a commercial gym.”

What would be your last meal?
“Chipotle… always Chipotle.”

What’s it like being so handsome?
“Wouldn’t know”