Temecula/Murrieta #1 Gym is HIT Fit


Temecula/Murrieta #1 Gym is HIT Fit

Of course, I want to make a bold statement – HIT Fit CA is Temecula and Murrieta’s… undisputed, leading, fantastic, amazing, most-colorful, best smelling, and just totally the most hap-hap-happiest cross-training fitness facility in the land. Why are we SO enthusiastic? Because it’s true. HIT Fit is for people who love to have a great time, a community, get healthy, sexy, and strong. Want to step up your FIT game? You found your new home.

HIT Fit is designed to cater to all ages, fitness levels, and fitness goals! Whether you are male, female, teenager, circle or triangle, we have the fitness solution for you! Many gyms focus on one aspect of fitness I.E strength training, or cardio focus. HOW BORING! We succeed at combining all types of training to turn our clients into well rounded functional Bad-Asses! Whether you are just starting out, or an elite athlete, our programming is designed to prevent our clients from plateauing. That way, no matter how long you have been training, you will always be able to progress and never stop improving! HIT Fit offers a variety of programs in order to cater to every client’s goals and preferences!

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Our HIT Fit Program is the HEART AND SOUL of the gym! HIT Fit programming combines all aspects of fitness into one! We offer everything here from functional fitness, strength training, cardiovascular work and corrective exercise! We want all of our members to experience all sides of health and fitness in order to grow into the best versions of themselves! We even offer specialized cardio classes appropriately named CARDIO CLUB! These classes are sure to get the heart PUMPING and the sweat glands SWEATIN! With the variety of workouts HIT Fit offers, we guarantee you’ll see results in NO TIME

HIT Fit provides the newest and highest quality gym equipment on the market. After all, if you’re gonna go to the best gym in the world, you’ll want the best equipment! Everything from premium dumbbells, kettlebells, bikes, and rowers. Our coaches will show our clients how to use all our equipment with proper technique and execution during your HIIT Workouts, so that even if our clients are still going to a box gym, they will feel comfortable using all the equipment provided. If you’re a traveling businessman or woman, you’ll be able to use any hotel gym or cross training gym in the world without hesitation. You’ll not only be Bad-Ass at HIT FIT, but anywhere in the world! 

In addition, HIT Fit is committed to providing our clients with the COOLEST technology available in the fitness industry. We offer FREE inBody body composition testing to make sure our clients are reaching their goals through their nutrition and exercise allowing them to hold themselves accountable. We also have complimentary FIT3D scanning which gives our members a more accurate scan of muscle mass and body fat. You’ll be able to see all that FAT BEING BURNED right before your eyes!

Still not convinced? HIT Fit also offers our F2 foundational fitness program! F2 are the pillars, support, and foundation of the gym! F2 is designed to teach our clients the vital movements of fitness while promoting longevity and injury prevention. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey, just had a baby, working through lower back pain, intimidated by the typical gym environment, or just looking for something different to add some FUN AND FLARE to your workouts, F2 is an excellent program made for individuals who are looking for a safe and encouraging environment to get back on track with their exercise! Both HIT Fit workouts and F2 workouts are HIT Fit certified and both guarantee results, no matter which workout you decide to do that day! 

Lastly, one of HIT Fit’s most popular classes that we offer here is CARDIO CLUB. Cardio Club is a great way to work on aerobic capacity, muscular endurance, and cardiovascular health. Our members love cardio club for the high calorie burning workouts that are provided. Cardio Club is a great way to switch up your workouts too through partner workouts, relays, and many other fun programs. When paired with our HIT Fit and F2 programming, our members get all the benefits of muscle building and functionality while also losing body fat.

All of our clients start out with a complimentary fitness assessment. Our AWESOME certified trainers are able to assess our clients and recommend the best program that pairs with their fitness goals! This also gives us an opportunity to get to know our clients on a personal level. Our members are not just numbers, we want everyone who comes into the gym to be part of a close community, where everyone is working towards the same goal; to be better than they were the day before. 

Our team at HIT Fit put their heart into every workout, training session, and consultation. The trainers and team members have a GENUINE PASSION to help change people’s lives in and outside the gym. This gym is not a place for people just to grow as athletes. We want to show people that the training and methodology we provide here is beneficial outside the gym as well. We want our clients to be able to be active with their kids, be happy when they put on that new pair of pants, or just feel comfortable in their own skin

HIT Fit isn’t about fad diets or quick fixes. What’s the point of losing fat only to gain it all back?? We teach our clients LONG TERM sustainable habits in exercise and fitness that allow us to become better not just short term, but for our ENTIRE lives. 

You can try HIT Fit FREE absolutely no risk, no pressure. Click the “WHAT WE OFFER” tab at the top of the page to get started on your journey and change your life!